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The University Neurosurgical Center Holland (UNCH) co-ordinates and organises the complex neurosurgical care in the region The Hague-Leiden. 

The UNCH originates from a regional collaboration between Haaglanden Medical Center (HMC), HagaZiekenhuis and Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), with several locations in the region The Hague-Leiden. Twenty four neurosurgeons work between the clinics and have besides general neurosurgical expertise, also their own speciality within neurosurgery. Within UNCH the diagnostics and treatment for complex neurosurgical conditions and disorders to the brain, spine and peripheral nerves are located at clinic that is equipped best for it. This results in multiple centers of expertise, that ensure a high quality of neurosurgical care and also high quality scientific research.

UNCH collaborates closely with five regional clinics for lesser complex neurosurgical disorders of spine and nerves; Spaarne Gasthuis, Reinier de Graaf, Alrijne Ziekenhuis, Groene Hart Ziekenhuis and Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland. By doing so UNCH can organise healthcare in the most efficient way. The UNCH neurosurgeons also work in these clinics to treat patients with a hernia, spinal stenosis and lesser complex nerve disorders. By doing so patients can be treated in a clinic of their choice and close to home. It's also possible that for follow-up treatment after a surgery in a UNCH clinic, patients can be referred back to a regional clinic closer to home, in consultation with the UNCH neurosurgeon.

Each with their own expertise

UNCH Annual Reports

Within the framework of transparency we published our 2020 annual report. Each year we will publish a new annual report with new and updated data on the quality of our care.
(At the moment the report is only available in Dutch)

Annual Quality Report 2020 (Dutch only)

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