Neurosurgery for pain

Due to spinal problems in the lower back multiple nerve roots can be damaged and this can cause ongoing and sometimes chronic pain. When surgery is not an option, spinal neurolysis could be an option to reduce the pain and numb the damaged nerve.

Neurolysis is an injection of an anti-inflammatory drug into the spine, close to the damaged nerve. Sometimes the drug is also injected into the spinal joints (facet joints). The procedure can be performed once or twice.

A neurolysis can also be used to determine the cause of the pain, when it's not possible to determine the cause using an MRI-scan.

Spinal stimulator

When after spinal surgery lower back or leg pain is still present, a spinal cord stimulator can be implanted into the lower back. This is a small device which electrodes that is places behind the spinal cord and the electrical stimulation prevents the pain signal to reach the brain.

Within UNCH HagaZiekenhuis is specialised in both spinal neurolysis and spinal stimulation.

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